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PowerSchool upcoming events

Date(s) Event Description
June 7th, 12th, 14th 8:30 until 4PM - More dates coming PowerSchool Open Lab/Scheduling help Location East Brainerd Annex (Cigna Building). These sessions are for help with scheduling or other questions about PowerSchool.
July 15th - July 22nd PowerSchool Rollover PowerSchool Rollover will take place during the week of July 15th. On Monday, July 15th , all admin, teacher, and parent portal accounts will be disabled. After PS is back on line on July 22nd, all admin accounts will be enabled. Teacher accounts will be activated upon their return to school.

Parent portal accounts will be reactivated after the rollover process is complete. This will allow parents to complete online registration. Student schedules will not be available on the portal until the start of school.
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